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We provide an interdisciplinary curriculum that examines historical and contemporary problems through a lens of gender difference, cultural diversity and social justice.

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204 Haag Hall
5120 Rockhill Rd.
Kansas City, MO 64110


Department Faculty and Staff

Kristen Barber

Department Chair; Associate Professor
Email: k.barber@umkc.edu
Phone Number: 816-235-1138

Deja Beamon

Assistant Professor
Email: djbftb@umsystem.edu

Brenda Bethman

Teaching Professor
Email: bethmanb@umkc.edu

Jill Folsom

Office Support Assistant IV
Email: folsomj@umkc.edu
Phone Number: 816-235-5854

Linda Mitchell

Professor Emerita
Email: mitchellli@umkc.edu

Theresa Torres

Associate Professor
Email: torresth@umkc.edu
Phone Number: 816-235-1492

Affiliate Faculty

Jasmine Abdel-Khalik

Professor, Law

Hadara Bar-Nadav

Professor, English

Rebecca Best

Associate Professor, Political Science and Philosophy

Virginia Blanton

Curators' Distinguished Professor, English

Antonio Byrd

Assistant Professor, English

Misty Campbell

Assistant Teaching Professor, Criminal Justice and Criminology

Xanath Caraza-de-Holland

Lecturer, Foreign Languages and Literatures

Loyce Caruthers

Professor, Education

Alison Desimone

Associate Professor, Conservatory

Crystal Doss

Norman Royall Teaching Professor, English

Matthew Edwards

Associate Professor, Foreign Languages and Literatures

Sandra Enríquez

Assistant Professor, History

Tamara Falicov

Dean, School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Jenni Frangos

Associate Professor, English

Milton Toledo Gomez

Graduate Assistant, English

Jane Greer

Curators' Distinguished Professor, English

Viviana Grieco

Professor, History

Amanda Grimes

Assistant Professor, Nursing and Health Studies

Jess Gantt-Shafter

Assistant Professor, Department of Communications and Journalism

Joseph Hartman

Assistant Professor, Media, Art and Design

Roland Hemmings Jr

Assistant Director, Multicultural Student Affairs

Lorena Hidalgo Johnson

Lecturer, Foreign Languages and Literatures

Stuart Hinds

Curator of Special Collections, University Libraries

Caitlin Horsmon

Associate Professor, Media, Art and Design

Jennifer Huberman

Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

Tracey Hughes

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, University Libraries

Kimberly Johnson

Senior Program Manager, Multicultural Student Affairs

Cynthia Jones

Adjunct Instructor, High School College Program

Kathleen Kilway

Curators' Teaching Professor, Chemistry

Nancy Levit

Curators' Professor, Law

Zhongjin Li

Assistant Professor, Economics

Toya Like

Professor, Criminal Justice and Criminology

Ricardo Marte

Associate Teaching Professor, Psychology

Brandon Martin

Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics

Jesus Molinar

Assistant Teaching Professor, Political Science & Philosophy

Diane Mutti Burke

Professor, History

Sirisha Naidu

Associate Professor, Economics

Edith Nally

Assistant Professor, Political Science and Philosophy

Zachary Parker

Assistant Director, LBGTQIA programs

Jennifer Phegley

Professor, English

Larson Powell

Professor, Media, Art and Design

Sandy Rodriguez

Associate Dean, University Libraries

Lori Sexton

Associate Professor, Criminal Justice and Criminology

Anthony Shiu

Associate Professor, English

Deborah Smith

Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

Alberto Villamandos

Associate Professor, Foreign Languages and Literatures

Henrietta Rix Wood

Teaching Professor, Honors

Joseph Workman

Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

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