Antonio Byrd (he/they)

Antonio Byrd  (he/they)
Assistant Professor
Humanities and Social Sciences

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Cockefair Hall 119
Digital Literacy; Critical Race Theory; Writing Studies; Technical Communication; Qualitative Research; Digital and Public Humanities


Antonio Byrd (he/they) teaches courses in Black literacies, professional and technical communication, multimodal writing and rhetorics, digital rhetoric, and composition. His researches how the legacies of liberation carry forward into Black digital literacies, with a special focus on Black adults learning and using computer programming. His work has appeared in College Composition and Communication, Literacy in Composition Studies, Technical Communication Quarterly, and Writer: Craft and Context.  His current book project is tentatively titled The Literacy Pivot: How Black Adults Learn Computer Programming in a Racist World and is under contract with The WAC Clearinghouse/University of Colorado Press.

Dr. Byrd also serves on the Steering Committee for UMKC's Center for Digital and Public Humanities. His work in digital and public humanities focuses on community engaged scholarship and digital literacy by connecting UMKC students with community partners and industry professionals for real world application of digital writing.


Academic credentials

Ph.D. in Composition and Rhetoric, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2019)
M.A. in Liberal Arts, emphasis in English, Auburn University at Montgomery (2014)
B.S. in Secondary Education – English/Language Arts, Auburn University at Montgomery (2011)



2021 Richard Braddock Award for Best Research Article in College Composition and Communication 
2022 Early Career Faculty Travel Award
2022 UMKC Trustee Faculty Scholar Award
2022 Computers and Writing Emergent Scholars Award



English 304: Introductions to Professional and Technical Communication
English 305WI: Theory of Composition
English 380: Multimodal Writing and Rhetorics
English 381: Composing in Digital Environments
English 430WI/English 5530: Technical Communication
English 477/5477: Studies in Rhetoric and Composition
English 5519: Teaching Writing 



Byrd, A., Novotny, M., Pemberton, M., and Young, V.A. (2022) Frameworks, triumphs, and challenges for social justice conference planning. Writer’s: Craft & Context.

Byrd, A. (2022) Black professional communicators testifying to Black technical joy, Black
technical and professional communication [special issue] Technical Communication Quarterly,
DOI: 10.1080/10572252.2022.2069287

Byrd, A. (2020). Like coming home: African American adults tinkering and playing toward a
code bootcamp. College Composition and Communication Vol. 71, (3), 426 – 452.

Byrd, A. (2019). Between learning and opportunity: A study of African American adult coders’
networks of support. Literacy in Composition Studies Vol. 7(2), 31-56. DOI: