Viviana Grieco (she/her)

Viviana Grieco (she/her)
Professor of History and Latin American and Latinx Studies
Humanities and Social Sciences

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816-235-6118 x 6
223B Cockefair Hall
The political economy and political culture of the Spanish Empire; Digital and Public Humanities; History of Emotions; Latin America


Dr. Viviana Grieco specializes in the history of Spanish America between the sixteenth and early nineteenth centuries, with an emphasis on the political economy and political culture of eighteenth century Rio de la Plata. She is currently interested in the Digital Humanities and developing a software tool  for managing and analyzing Spanish-American notary records. Additionally, she is working on a new book on the history of emotions tentatively titled Conflict and Voice. Professor Grieco’s first monograph (The Politics of Giving in the Viceroyalty of Rio de la Plata. Donors, Lenders, Subjects and Citizens. The University of New Mexico Press, 2014) was translated and published in Spanish (La Política de Dar.  Donantes, Prestamistas, Súbditos y Ciudadanos.  Prometeo Libros, 2018). She is also the co-editor (with Fabricio Prado and Alex Borucki) of The Río de la Plata from Colony to Nations: Commerce, Society, and Politics (Palgrave McMillan, 2021). The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), The National Science Foundation (NSF), The John Carter Brown Library, The University of Missouri Research Board, UMKC’s Women and Gender Studies Program, UMKC’s Funding for Excellence Program, UMKC’s Collaborative Data Science Program, and the University of Missouri Strategic Investment Funds have funded her research. Professor Grieco has been invited to present her research and gave keynote addresses at international research centers including the London School of Economics and Political Science in the U.K., the Instituto de Investigaciones Dr. Jose Maria Luis Mora in Mexico, and the Instituto de Historia Argentina y Americana “Dr. Emilio Ravignani” in Argentina.

Dr. Grieco was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She earned her B.A. at the Universidad de Buenos Aires in Argentina and her M.A. and Ph.D. at Emory University. Before joining UMKC, she taught at the Universidad de Buenos Aires and held a visiting position at Emory University. She served as Chair of UMKC's Faculty Senate in 2021-2022, and is a member of the Steering Committee for UMKC's Center for Digital and Public Humanities



  • GECDV 201 - Bridging the Civil-Miliary Gap: What Happens When Solider's Become Civilians Again? 
  • GECDV 203 - The Americas in America
  • HISTORY 202 - European History Since 1600
  • HISTORY 208 - World History Since 1450 
  • HISTORY 404 - Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Latin America
  • HISTORY 405 - Colonial Latin America (From the Encounter to the Early 19th Century) 
  • HISTORY 406 - Modern Latin America 
  • HISTORY 407 - Latin American Crises and Opportunities 
  • HISTORY 498WI - Senior Capstone 


  • HISTORY 5526 - Modern Latin America: From Independence to the Present 
  • HISTORY 5581GR - Introduction to Graduate Studies 
  • HISTORY 5586GR - Colloquium in World History 

Academic Credentials

B.A. (Profesor de Enseñanza Media y Superior en Historia), Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina (1995)
M.A./Ph.D. History, Emory University (1999/2005)