The Intensive English Program accepts U.S. Residents and Citizens.

The ALI's Intensive English Program (IEP) has small classes and dedicated instructors and staff. Classes are designed for success in English fluency and for your cultural enrichment. The IEP offers up to 16 weeks of intensive instruction during the fall and spring semesters. Students can receive up to 20 hours of instruction per week (Sample Class Schedule). Most students begin classes at the beginning of the semester, but we offer late start dates for the few students who need to begin a little later. Courses are available for beginning level students, as well as intermediate and advanced students. Learn about our courses and levels here. 

Not a domestic student? Visit our International Student IEP page. 

Intensive English (International)

Spring 2024 Costs

The cost of tuition and fees depends on two things: residency and credit hours

Missouri and Kansas residents pay $373 per credit hour. To qualify for this rate, you must live in the state for at least one year. If you have not lived in Missouri or Kansas for one year, you will be charged either the Heartland Rate ($548 per credit hour) or the Nonresident rate ($973 per credit hour). 

Full-time enrollment for a full semester is 12 credit hours. If you are a Missouri resident, your cost of tuition for full-time enrollment will be $4,476. This does not include the Student Life fee, which is also based on the number of credit hours you enroll in. 

Student Life fee

  • up to 6.99 credit hours = $320
  • 7 to 12.99 credit hours = $680
  • 13+ credit hours = $772

Please Note: Domestic students do not need to enroll full time or study for the full 16 weeks. Enrolling part-time for 12 or 8 weeks lowers the cost of tuition and fees. Contact the ALI for your specific costs. 

Example Costs:

  • 1 class for 16 weeks for a Missouri Resident = 4 credit hours = $1,812
  • 1 class for 12 weeks for a Missouri Resident = 3 credit hours = $1,439
  • 2 classes for 8 weeks for a Missouri Resident = 4 credit hours = $1,812
  • 3 classes for 16 weeks for a Missouri Resident = 12 credit hours = $5,156

Fall 2024 Application Deadlines and Start Dates

Start Date
16 week
Aug 12, 2024
Aug 19, 2024
12 weeks
Sep 9, 2024
Sep 16, 2024
8 weeks
Sep 30, 2024
Oct 7 2024

Application Materials

  • ALI Application (PDF)
  • A copy of your US passport or other official identification
    • front and back of permanent resident card
    • front and back of drivers license
    • U.S. passport photo page