Undergraduate Programs

Students will learn to analyze information, communicate effectively, and engage in research. Such skills are useful for and transferable to careers in government service, business, industry, and social service institutions, in addition to being the foundation for graduate and professional studies beyond the undergraduate level.

Bachelor of Arts in History

More fascinating than fiction, the study of the human past with all its achievements and tragedies is the centerpiece of a Bachelor of Arts in History. Completing this degree program – in-person or online – allows you to explore topics of your own interest while simultaneously preparing you for any career that involves understanding and communicating with other people.

The Bachelor of Arts in History is designed for students with a general interest in history, as well as those students who plan on pursuing a career in history-related fields.

Accelerated Bachelor of Arts to Master of Arts in History

The accelerated program requires the same course requirements for both the Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in History, the difference is the recommended order of course enrollment and the allowance of nine (9) credit hours at the graduate level to count towards the student’s Bachelor of Arts degree.


*Consider pursuing a minor to round out your degree and enhance your career opportunities.


Art History

Business Administration

Classical and Ancient Studies


Criminal Justice and Criminology

Data Science & Analytics

Digital and Public Humanities




English Manuscript, Print Culture, and Editing

English Writing

Environmental Studies

Film Studies


Geographic Information Systems



German Studies

Media, Art & Design

Medieval and Early Modern Studies


Political Science

Race, Ethnic, and Gender Studies



Urban Studies