Internships and Career Preparation

Our students' most valuable learning experiences often occur when they are required to apply classroom learning in a field setting.

Prepare your Professional Path

Connecting students to internships is a high-impact practice linked to increased persistence, degree completion, and post-graduation success. Internships contribute to personal and professional development, fostering skills like teamwork and communication. They offer insights into workplace culture, networking opportunities, quicker job placement, higher starting salaries, and leadership development.

Students participating in internships gain real-world experience, acquire and adapt skills, explore various career paths, and establish professional networks. Internships can count toward Economics majors or minors; consult with an advisor regarding academic credit early on. For internships relevant to your degree, communicate with the internship coordinator.

Your Internship Coordinator

Zhongjin Li

Assistant Professor of Economics

What are the requirements?

An internship course is to enhance the scholastic and marketable skills of students by combining academic assignments with work experience in a local business/government enterprise. The ultimate goal here is to put students in the best position possible to achieve their overall career goals. If you're earning academic credit, the expectation is 50 work hours per credit hour of internship. For a three-credit internship, that equals 150 hours over a semester. If no academic credit is involved, work hours and duration can be negotiated with the employer.

Excelling in academics, building relationships with faculty and advisors, engaging in extracurricular activities, and taking on leadership roles are crucial. Volunteer or community engagement work also serves as relevant experience toward the internship of your choice.

Crafting an outstanding resume and cover letter is essential. UMKC Career Services offers support in resume and cover letter development to enhance your internship applications. Additionally, honing interview skills is vital for success when invited to interviews.

Placement Sites for Professional Experience

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