The benefits of research are innumerable and far-reaching. There are many research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Economics and throughout the university.

Undergraduate Research

Research can help you develop critical thinking, artistic, experimental design and presentation skills and open a world of possibilities.

Get started

  1. Select an area of research interest
  2. Find a faculty mentor
  3. Complete and submit a SEARCH application

Learn more about undergraduate research opportunities

Research and Travel Grants

The School of Graduate Studies provides funds to help defray graduate student travel costs for the purpose of presenting original research papers at reputable professional meetings or equivalent activities in the creative arts. Such presentations may be volunteered or invited, and may be podium or poster presentations.

Find grants

You must present at the conference, stay at the conference hotel and keep your receipts.

Submit your travel request.

  1. Log in to RooGroups
  2. Go to Campus Links
  3. Select Submit a SGA (SAFC) Funding Request
  4. Select My Budget Requests
  5. Select Create a Request
  6. Select For Individuals
  7. Fill out the Individual Travel Request Form
  8. Submit your form

Allow for 14 business days for a response on your submission.