The UMKC Department of Economics is committed to teaching beyond the traditional boundaries of economics.

Learn New Ways of Thinking About the World

  • Students who major in economics are trained to think critically. In our programs, we develop theories about how the world works and then go about testing the validity of our theories. 
  • We build statistical models and rely heavily on good data to give us answers to important questions. The analytical tools we need can be learned with math and statistics.
  • We teach standard economics theories and how they have been applied, but we also look beyond the constraints of the standard model. Our students are exposed to the latest analytical techniques that are useful for whatever hypothesis is being studied.
  • Economists work alongside accountants, engineers, computer scientists, educators, developers, business executives, politicians and others; providing research, analysis and consulting advice, thereby helping to steer the enterprise toward informed decisions.
  • Our graduates have earned positions in investment firms, consulting firms, health-care organizations, real estate, banks and government offices. 
  • Beyond our introductory seminars, our class sizes are relatively small. You will have an opportunity to work closely with faculty members on research projects, then present your work at the undergraduate research forum held on campus every year.  Our students have opportunities to complete an internship with a local business, accruing hands-on experience while earning credit toward their degree.
  • We offer a bachelor's degree, a master's degree and a minor in economics. We also participate in the interdisciplinary doctoral program, designed to provide self-directed students with academic training at the highest level.

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