Undergraduate Programs

Learning about other cultures, understanding how other people live and analyzing why people do what they do are critical skills in our globalized world.

Bachelor of Arts in Languages and Literatures

  • Gain a perspective on other cultures
  • Understand how other people conceive of the world
  • Develop language skills, including in your native tongue
  • Appreciate your own and other cultures’ artistic productions
  • Recognize your own cultural practices

Students pursuing this bachelor's degree may choose one of the following emphasis options:

Classical Languages and Cultures

An interdisciplinary program, the B.A. program with an emphasis in Classical Languages and Cultures includes the study of ancient Greek and Latin texts with professors from the departments of English, History, Media, Art and Design and Sociology and Anthropology.

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The French emphasis is designed for students interested in French language and literature in addition to cultural, social, political and historical issues in France and Francophone countries.

Students are encouraged to enhance their language skills with study abroad and academic-year exchange programs.

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International Studies

Students will advance their language skills in French, German or Spanish, and gain knowledge of political structures and international relations in general and in a global region of their choice. The program straddles both Foreign Languages and Political Science departments while also offering students a broad array of interdisciplinary courses across several other departments. 

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The emphasis in Spanish is designed for students interested in Spanish language and Iberian, Latin American and South American culture, history and politics.

The Spanish faculty offers courses and conducts research on topics that span Medieval Spain to Contemporary Latin AmericaCourses are often interdisciplinary and always innovative and engaging.

Students are encouraged to enhance their language skills on faculty-led summer study abroad programs and academic-year exchange programs. 

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Placement Exam

We strongly encourage all students who have previously studied a language to take the placement exam before enrolling in their first course at UMKC.

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