Strengthen your opportunities with prospective employers by adding an interdisciplinary program that complements your degree.

Interdisciplinary Programs

These programs ensure you'll develop the skills needed to navigate our complex society by integrating learning and problem-solving among multiple academic disciplines and by offering a common set of general education requirements.

Whether you’re interested in leadership or just want to make a difference, you’ll research and develop new ideas, participate in community outreach programs and learn how to think critically and collaborate with those who have different viewpoints while addressing society’s everyday challenges.

Classical and Ancient Studies

Study the art, languages, literatures, histories and cultures of the Ancient Mediterranean World from 3500 BC to 500 AD. You have the option of majoring in English with an emphasis in Classical, Medieval and Early Modern Literature; Languages and Literatures with an emphasis on Classical Languages and Cultures; History with a focus in Antiquity and Medieval courses; or completing a minor in conjunction with any other undergraduate degree program at UMKC.

B.A. in English - Classical, Medieval and Early Modern Literature Emphasis

B.A. in Languages and Literatures - Classical Languages and Cultures Emphasis

B.A. in History

Classical and Ancient Studies Minor

Digital and Public Humanities (DPH)

Digital and Public Humanities website

The innovative Digital and Public Humanities initiative supports students and faculty to integrate digital technologies and methods into their humanities research projects.

Digital and Public Humanities Minor

Bachelor of Applied Science with Digital and Public Humanities Emphasis Area

Media, Art and Design (MAD)

Media, Art and Design website

B.A. in Media, Art and Design

Media, Art and Design Minor

Medieval and Early Modern Studies (MEMS)

Medieval and Early Modern Studies website

Professor Linda Mitchell examines manuscript with seminar class students

The minor in Medieval and Early Modern Studies (MEMS) offers students an interdisciplinary opportunity to focus their studies in early literatures, history and culture (ca. 500-1500). The minor may be integrated with the Bachelor of Liberal Arts (B.L.A.) degree.

MEMS Minor

MEMS Graduate Certificate

Race, Ethnic and Gender Studies

Race, Ethnic and Gender Studies website

Race, Ethnic and Gender Studies Minor