Student Organizations

Being involved with student organizations gives you the opportunity to learn leadership skills, organize events and meet students from all over campus.

Global Languages Club

Cinco de Mayo celebrations, German film festivals, crêpe making, world language open-mic nights and more! Join the Global Languages Club and get to know students of many different nationalities whose passion for learning and speaking world languages unites them.


baladi pages

The word may mean "something of little value or not worthy of attention or appreciation" in Arabic, but Baladí is also the name of the Spanish-language literature magazine at UMKC that has garnered much attention and appreciation. In addition to printing creative writing, art and photography, the organization hosts open mic nights for spoken word artists.

baladi issue 1baladi issue 2

baladi issue 3baladi issue 4

baladi issue 5baladi issue 6

baladi issue 7baladi issue 8


 For more information about both groups, please email faculty advisor Alberto Villamandos.