Your financial contribution — regardless of the amount — strengthens the educational experience, providing vital support to our students, faculty and programs.

Donors make it possible to update our facilities, provide student scholarships, attract nationally recognized faculty and recruit high-caliber students. Your gifts build a foundation for our long-term legacy of serving Kansas City and the region with premier graduates in the workforce.

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Our Greatest Needs

One of the best ways you can help the College of Arts and Sciences is by donating to particular projects that need immediate funding. Every gift makes a difference, because it touches hundreds of diverse efforts to enhance academic excellence. We depend on your financial help to respond quickly to technology changes and attract the best and brightest students and faculty.


Scholarships, both need- and merit-based, allow many of our students to achieve their dreams. Funds are also available to assist students with emergencies, conference travel and other school-related expenses. Your contributions ensure that we are able to attract and retain the brightest minds.


Make a gift that impacts hundreds of our students and faculty by investing in our cutting-edge programs. One of our biggest needs is updating outdated technology. We are especially dedicated to regular improvements within our classrooms and laboratories. These technology upgrades are costly, but they are also an essential ingredient for developing skills that allow our graduates to be successful.


We're dedicated to attracting and retaining nationally recognized faculty. Potential students are attracted to strong programs that have experienced and engaged faculty. Contributions to an endowed chair or professorship allow us to draw the attention of the best academic minds in the country. Not only does your gift help strengthen existing programs, it also creates new opportunities for students. Adding more outstanding faculty members is essential to our growth.


Renovation and construction projects allow us to maintain state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories. Modern facilities and updated technology and equipment are crucial factors in recruiting and retaining top students and faculty. Your gift allows us to create short-term and long-term improvement strategies.