Faculty and Staff Resources

Good support for our faculty and staff runs alongside supporting our students. We will continue to develop our resource pages and appreciate your feedback in what additions would be helpful.

Last updated: September 14, 2022

Submit the academic forms that need a Dean's signature:

Staff/Faculty Forms and Resources

Listing of University System Forms available under UM Forms.

Dean's Office Contact

Margaret Kinkeade

SHSS Internal Directory
Chair Resources

Box Folder for Chairs

Administrative Resources

Outlook Calendar

Dean's Office Contact

Alicen Lundberg

Send Information

Use this button to submit the happenings and news you would like to be known beyond the department. This can be events, faculty achievement news, information about an important deadline, or a story idea to highlight one of your students, faculty, alumni, and/or community partners.

Dean's Office Contact

Alicen Lundberg

Student Concerns

Student Forms and Resources aimed for students' use are available under Current Students.

Faculty & Staff Guide to Supporting Mental Health [pdf]

Related Systems

Student Records Access Request Form
Pathway Help for Faculty/Staff

Grade Change Instructions [pdf]
Registrar's Resources for Faculty and Staff

Dean's Office Contact

Christen Melvin, HR Business Partner

Hannah Hohenstein-Flack (full-time hiring), Margaret Kinkeade (part-time hiring)

HR Service Center: Forms
All Academic Hiring Procedures and Resources

Academic Hiring - Faculty Affairs website

Full-Time Academic Hiring Procedures and Resources

Find the following full-time forms and resources through Academic Hiring:

  • Full-Time Faculty Hiring Checklist
  • Request to Recruit for Academic Position
  • Equity/Title IX form
Part-Time Hiring Forms and Resources

Email Christen Melvin with the request and job description of position needed.

  • Part-Time Hiring Checklist
  • coming: student hires/work study
Student Forms and Resources

See School of Graduate Studies website for:

  • Greater than 0.5 FTE

For work study and undergraduate students:

  • Student e-Recruit form
Supplemental Hiring Paperwork

Verification of HLC Credentials
FERPA Training Instructions

Leave of Absence - add more to procedures/description

Leave of Absence Form UM-108 [pdf] - research/sabbatical


Overtime Approval Request [pdf]

Email Christen Melvin to initiate conversations about extra compensation or salary increase form.


Benefits Information and Forms

Dean's Office Contact

Beth Vonnahme and Margaret Kinkeade


Payroll Correction Entry (PCE) Expense Transfer Form [pdf]
Federal Work-Study Program [pdf] – Request for student assistant


UMKC Travel Authorization Request

Fund Requests

Bernardin Haskell Lecture Fund Request Form [pdf]
Overstreet, Weller Lecture Fund Request Form [pdf]


Honorarium Agreement [pdf]


Great Hall Reservations (Scofield 109) [pdf]
Insurance Equipment Checkout Form [pdf] – Used with University equipment taken off campus

Dean's Office Contacts

Alex Holsinger (for faculty)
Beth Vonnahme (for staff)

Tenure/Tenure Track Faculty (including Chairs): myVita
Ranked Non-Tenure Track Faculty (Full-Time): myVita
Unranked Non-Tenure Track Faculty: Evaluation Form
Staff Evaluations: ePerformance in myHR
Course Evaluations: RooEval

Dean's Office Contacts

Alex Holsinger and Maria Olson

Kasey Kudos

Send recognition to your colleagues.

Dean's Office Contact

Alicen Lundberg

Curriculum Development

Course Load Reduction Request [pdf]

Department Administrators

These are updated right before the start of each semester. If needed, request change of contact for schedulers or catalog editors by emailing Alicen Lundberg.


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