Coursework in Medieval and Early Modern Studies (MEMS) offers students an interdisciplinary opportunity to focus their studies in early literatures, history, and culture.

Medieval and Early Modern Studies Minor

Students completing a minor in Medieval and Early Modern Studies identify, explore, and interpret historico-cultural texts, in the process developing and employing the research skills critical to contextualizing these artifacts within the medieval and early modern world. The MEMS minor offers students the opportunity to work with faculty across various disciplines, including Art History, Classics, English, Philosophy, Theatre, and more. This variety of offered coursework, paired with independent studies courses, enables students to customize their period and discipline of study, equipping them with versatile analytical skills vital to career success, and preparing them for continued research in their field. 

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Medieval and Early Modern Studies Graduate Certificate

The graduate certificate program in Medieval and Early Modern studies is a valuable credential for graduate students in traditional fields, as well as education professionals pursuing further study in the pre-modern period. Similar to the MEMS minor, students in the graduate certificate program enroll in graduate colloquia across a variety of disciplines, ranging from History to Conservatory, to English, French, Spanish and more. Applying the theories and methodologies of various disciplines offers students the unique opportunity of engaging the texts of early literatures, histories, and cultures from a multiplicity of perspectives, and allows them to communicate the results of their original research in effective and transformative modes.  

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Career Paths for Medieval and Early Modern Studies Students