Your MAP Mentor will learn about your strengths and goals so they can tailor recommendations and advice specifically to you.

Your MAP Mentor

David Freeman

I work with: Medieval and Early Modern Studies students.

Mentoring Conversations

Your MAP mentor will support you in how to best align your goals with contributing to the student organizations and community engagement projects. Find out how to enrich your studies with experiences like scholarships, undergraduate research, internships and other opportunities. These conversations will help you practice articulating your strengths and experiences from inside and outside the classroom to others, including prospective employers.

Your interactions with faculty, alongside those with your professional advisor in Roo Advising, will help you make the most of your time and efforts at UMKC.

Roo Advising will help you meet all the minimum requirements toward your undergraduate degree. Current students can schedule appointments, including graduation audits, through Connect.

Student Opportunities

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