Kathy Krause

Kathy Krause
Professor Emerita
Humanities and Social Sciences

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Scofield Hall 211


Professor Krause taught at UMKC from 1995-2022. Her research explores a series of interconnected issues related to women’s roles and representation in the French Middle Ages. Combining literary and manuscript analysis with historical research, her current work on the intersection of female inheritance and literary production in northern France aims to challenge traditional male-centered, socio-historical analyses of medieval French fictional narratives by viewing these texts within the lineage-centered politics of the 13th and 14th centuries. She teaches courses that relate to her research interests including seminars on French medieval and Renaissance literature and on medieval European courtly culture; she also teaches a wide variety of courses on French language and culture more generally.


Ph.D. & M.A. in Romance Languages, University of Pennsylvania
Certificat de Spécialisation d’Etudes Médiévales, University of Geneva
B.A. (with honors) in French, Dartmouth College


National Endowment for the Humanities Faculty Fellowship, 2013-14.
Fulbright Research Grant to Belgium, 2008-09.

Recent Publications

Editor, “Beyond Women and Power: Looking Backward and Moving Forward,” Special Issue, Medieval Feminist Forum 51.2 (January 2016 for 2015).

“BnF fr. 378 and the gendered visages of allegorical narrative,” in Karen Pratt et. al., eds, The Dynamics of the Medieval Manuscript: Text Collections from a European Perspective (Vienna, V&R unipress GmbH, 2017); 179-202.*

“Via Femina: Female Patronage of Vernacular Religious Texts in Thirteenth-Century Picardy” in Cynthia J. Brown and Anne-Marie Legaré, eds. Les femmes, la culture et les arts entre Moyen âge et Renaissance (Turnhout: Brepols, 2016), 117-33.

“Material Signs: Birthmarks and the Gender of Metonymy,” English Language Notes 53.2 (Fall/Winter 2015), 69-82.