Jess Gantt-Shafer (she/her)

Jess Gantt-Shafer
Assistant Professor
Humanities and Social Sciences

Contact Info
Manheim Hall 103F
Professional Communication; Social Change; Organizing; Technology; Reproductive Justice; Dialogue


Dr. Jess Gantt-Shafer studies contentious cultural conversations in our digitally connected world, organizing and social change, media and technology, health communication and stigma, dialogue and difference, and neoliberalism. In a particular ongoing project, she is exploring how reproductive justice organizers and volunteers directly aid individuals seeking care, communicate with various publics, circulate medical information, combat neoliberal stigma, and contribute to a more equitable society.

In the classroom, Dr. Gantt-Shafer organizes her classes around three Cs: content, competence, and character. What is the new content we need to learn in this course? How should we demonstrate we are competent in this course? And, most importantly, how will this course contribute to, influence, or benefit our character?