Sociology students at UMKC develop critical thinking and research skills, and apply their classroom learning through experiences in community organizations and agencies.

Understand the World Around You

  • Sociology students explore the ways race and ethnicity, gender, religion, language, socioeconomic status and a host of other factors influence people’s behaviors and shape social realities. Our students are encouraged to become concerned, competent and ethical participants in local and global communities.
  • Studying sociology is excellent preparation for a career in a variety of fields such as business, human relations, journalism, public policy, law, education, medicine, social work and counseling.
  • A degree in sociology provides a solid educational background to continue on to graduate school.
  • We offer two baccalaureate degrees — a bachelor's degree in sociology and a bachelor's degree in sociology with an emphasis in cultural anthropology.
  • Our faculty members routinely engage in research, teaching and public service. 

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