Internships allow students to apply classroom knowledge to better understand political processes in the real world.

Benefits of an Internship

Internships also give students valuable exposure to future careers and promote networking with potential employers. Internships are valuable in ensuring good job and career choices and often facilitate more rapid career advancement.

Students can obtain academic credit for certain internships completed through the political science department.

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We list all opportunities that come through the department on our Poli Sci Internship Blog. You can search for internships by category, semester and compensation, as well as read student testimonials.

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Academic Credit

Students can obtain academic credit from the department for an internship.

Students who complete an internship through the department can earn up to three credit hours that count toward their political science major or minor, or their IS minor. To obtain the full three credit hours, students must work at least 10 hours each week for 15 weeks.

Non-political science majors or minors can also receive academic credit through the department.


The Political Science Internship Policy (PDF) has detailed information on eligibility, grading and all requirements pertaining to internships for academic credit. Before enrolling in Pol-Sci 491, students must: