Jim Falls Paper Prize

In 2001, the members of MAMA created the Jim Falls Paper Prize, to be awarded to the best paper delivered at the annual conference by a Graduate student.

The prize includes a monetary award of $100.

Graduate students are encouraged to send a completed copy of the accepted MAMA paper (10 pages not including notes) along with their name, university institution and graduate status and address to MAMA @umkc.edu. Please include in the subject line: Jim Falls Graduate Prize.

The paper you submit should be the paper you intend to present at the 2022 MAMA Conference.

Deadline of 15 September 2022.

Please do not submit an entry if you have previously received this award.

2022 Cara Nordengren, University of Kansas
Interpretive Multivalency in Tilman Riemenschneider’s Münnerstadt Magdalene

Honorable Mention: Rebecca Adams, Stanford University
“Loyal Wives, Gracious Husbands, and ‘perfyte joye’: Conducting Marital Success in London, British Library Harley MS 1239”

2017 Jamie Gunderson, University of Texas – Austin
“Revisiting the Holy Greyhound”

2014  Don Allmon, University of Kansas
“The Only Good Werewolf: Humans, Dogs, and Monsters in ‘Bisclavret’ and ‘Sir Gowther.’”

2013  Nina Verbanaz, University of Central Missouri
“Envisaging Eternity: Salian Women’s Religious Patronage”

2012 Bianca Lopez, Washington University in St. Louis

”As if Drinking Christian Blood: Sermons and Jewish Neighbors in Late Medieval Perugia”

2011 Anna Linden Weller, Rutgers University
“Transmittable Apocalypses: Byzantine Political Authority and the Co-Option of Western Eschatological Narrative in the First Crusade”

2010 Daniel J. Menold, University of Missouri – Columbia

”Sacred History: Hagiographical Constructs and the ‘Historical’ Gilbert of Sempringham”
Honorable Mention: Michael Wehrman, Yale University
”Rome and Miracles in the Writings of the Venerable Bede”

2009 James Bennett, Ohio State University
“The Once and Future Burghers: Social Memory and Civic Identity in Late Medieval St. Albans”

2008 Jennifer Culver, St. Louis University
“The Structure of Personal Experience: Rollean Mysticism in Piers Plowman”

2007 Julian Hendrix, King’s College, Cambridge
“The Origins of Monastic Intercession: Thought and Practice, Though Versus Practice”

2006 Martha Johnson-Olin, University of Missouri-Kansas City

”And lat hym care, and wepe, and wrynge, and waille’: Chaucer’s Clerk as Advocate of Masculine Virtue”

2005 Cindy Rogers, Oklahoma State University

”Arming Arthur: The Middle English Inheritance of Arming Scenes from Classical Epics”

2004 Lesley Allen, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
“Mapping Conversion in Pearl”

2003 Jason Hardgrave, University of Kansas

”Pimps, Prostitutes, and Pedophiles: Female Perpetrators of Sex Crimes in Fourteenth-Century Venice”

2002 Carola Dwyer, San Diego State University
“^Noch liehter danne got getan: Coveting Armor in Wolfram’s Parzival^”

2001 Marie A. Kelleher, University of Kansas

”Sicut vir uxor: Clerics’ Concubines in the Diocese of Barcelona”