To further your artistic, academic and career goals, you should consider engaging in research. Our faculty guide student research projects and encourage student participation in their own research.

Funding Opportunities at UMKC

UMKC fosters research by providing different forms of research funding for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Undergraduate funding

The Office of Undergraduate Research at UMKC offers two research grants specifically for undergraduate students: the SEARCH and SUROP grants.

Learn more about SEARCH and SUROP grants

Graduate funding

The UMKC School of Graduate Studies (SGS) offers several fellowships and grants, some of which can be used for research.

View the fellowships and grants page

Not sure how to get started in research?

Request a meeting with a faculty mentor.

Publication and Presentations

UMKC fosters scholarship by providing different outlets for presentation and publication.

Undergraduate opportunities

The Honors College publishes UMKC’s only journal of undergraduate research, Lucerna

The Office of Undergraduate Research at UMKC hosts an annual Symposium of Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship, which gives undergraduate students at UMKC an opportunity to present their work.

Graduate opportunities

SGS and the Graduate Student Council hosts an annual Community of Scholars Symposium that gives graduate students at UMKC an opportunity to present their work. Contact SGS for more information.