Internships and Externships

Our students' most valuable learning experiences often occur when they are required to apply classroom learning in a field setting.

Internship Opportunities

Each semester, we provide opportunities for CJC majors to work with local justice-related community agencies and organizations. To participate in an internship, you must be a Criminal Justice and Criminology major, a junior or senior in good standing, have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 and have successfully completed CJC 101. Students may receive up to three hours of credit per internship. Students accepted into the program will enroll in CJC 491. Interns typically complete 15-20 hours per week and will complete additional assignments and readings as needed for the course.

Internships are not required for graduation and are unpaid, unless otherwise approved. Students are advised to contact our Director of Community Engagement five to ten weeks prior to the desired start date of the internship. The Director will assist you in setting up your internship.

All internships are approved at the discretion of the Director of Community Engagement, Misty Campbell


Externship Opportunities

Each semester, there are also externship opportunities available for students to work directly with community-serving organizations focused on meeting the needs of those harmed, those who commit harm, and the communities they live in. Externs provide 6 hours a month of service and complete weekly professional development sessions. Externs also complete assignments and readings as needed for the course.  For more information about Exterships, contact the Director of Community Engagement, Misty Campbell